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Sourn Campaign Region



1. Sourn monastery.
2. Sinking village, road continues west. See Remnants of the Witch King # 8.
3. Small tower, where the Merchant Gwawl has made camp.
4. Bog-men, ancient mummies and bronze just below the surface.
5. Abbereigh Blight Keep.
6. Goblin Ambush.
7. Vanished Host. See Remnants of the Witch King # 2.
8. A Tower.
9. Luthria Convent.
10. Glander. Site of one of the Apostate Shrines, built using material of a cyclopean temple.


Traveling merchant Gwawl, clad in bear furs. Sells things scavenged from the battlefields. Tells north road is goblin land, south road leads by the Blight Keep of Abbereigh. Offers a reward for the two rings of yearning from the Castle. If the PCs accept to retrieve them, he provides them with a flask of Four Thieves' Vinegar to protect them from the Blight.

Currently for sale

Black grease (1 gc, 3 doses): A black grease used by monster hunters to prevent small lacerations and some infections. Increase def by +1, if worn on the skin it also increases poison save by +2. Effective for 1 hour.
Buckler (1 gc): A small, circular shield designed to parry and deflect blows.
Terror shield (6 gc): A vast, circular metal shield. Under its fresh coat of bright blue paint, the embossed emblem of the Witch King is still visible. When the shield is used, everyone in front of it must Save vs Magic or attack at a -1 disadvantage (both friend and foe).
Misericorde (5 sp): A narrow dagger, designed to pierce through openings in even the thickest armour.
Short Sword (2 gc): A short blade with a keen edge, ideal for less powerful fighters or those favouring accuracy over force.
Longsword (5 gc): An elegant sword with an engraved pummel, signalling the wealth and status of its previous owner.
Impaling sword (10 gc): A sword of unusual design, inscribed with a heathen prayer. Made for piercing, its thick blade tapers rapidly to a fine point. As short sword, but 1d6 damage. If the weapon deals more than two points of damage, it impales the target. The attacker must immediately roll STR: on a hit, deal another 1d6 damage (no armour) when you pull it out.
Black iron axe (10 gc): A sinister axe of wrought iron from the forges of the Witch King. Immensely heavy, its swing is nigh unstoppable. Dmg 1d14, concussion, TR2, can attack two adjacent targets.


x = Blight Lord Egfreid, 4HD, Maille+Helm (6), 2 atks, Gt Maul (1d12 + Knockdown), Misericorde (1d6+Pierce).

o = Hound (3), 1HD, MV 8, Bite (1d8 + Close & Disease: EASY Save or 1d4 dmg), Thick fur (2)

A = Slumbering Knight, 2HD, Rusty Maille and Half Helm (3), Gt Shield (1d8), Spear (1d8 + Long). Wakes if PC moves within 3 sq.
Tactics: Use the spear's superior reach to strike first. When engaged, use shield to Overpower/Push back, follow up with spear and retreat to once again use superior reach to strike first.

Q = Black pietà. Dead lady, holding her grown son, likewise dead. Their bodies are discoloured as if washed with ink, and their eyes pitch black. On the fingers of their hands, locked together, are two plain rings. 2D4 Gold, Books.

Rings of Yearning: Two simple rings, drawn to each other across any distance. It is said that those who love can never truly be separated - perhaps this is proof?

TARGET: 13/10 after a successful Poison save.
TIMER: Each 1d4 rounds, a Slumbering Knight wakes.
BLIGHT: Within the keep, all characters suffer 1d4 damage at the beginning of their turn. A successful poison save reduces this to 1 - one save attempt allowed each round until successful (or dead).

A character drinking Four Thieves' Vinegar suffers only 1 damage on a failed save and 0 on a success.


The path narrows, wedged between a water-logged forest of leafless trees and a moss-covered cliff cowned with tall spruces that block out the sun. PCs arrive in SW corner, their goal to escape through NE corner.

x = Goblin, 1HD, Fights as 4HD, Spears (1d8+Long), Knives (1d6 + Close), Bows (1d8) and Stones (1d12+knockdown, only against targets below). Small (-1d8, does not affect grappling).
On succesful evade, drops Man-Trap (1d6 + Prone, STR to pry open).
Tactics: gang up, grapple and tear, escape with valuables.

o = Man-Trap (1d6 + Prone, STR to pry open), hidden under branches and patches of moss. Mark on map!

T = Fallen tree, can be used as ladder (no penalty) to climb cliff.

A = 1d4 Reinforcements. Arriving each 1d4 rounds.

/// = reeds, waterlogged aspen forest. Half cover, movement is halved.

TTT = moss-covered cliff, HARD to climb

Camp: Almost-extinguished fire, 4 Gold, Gt Helm (3), Spyglass, 2 Man-Traps, Rancid goblin food

TARGET: 10, HARD or EASY as per relative elevation.
TIMER: Each 1d4 rounds, 1d4 additional goblins arrive.

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