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1d8 pools of the old Faith


MERE. Surrounded by gnarled oaks where that teem with maggots like old wounds is a mere. A tall knight, Meryld of Merrow, stands to her knees in the oily water, methodically throwing an anchor-like hook to drag the dark pond. On the shores lie a diverse array of bones and bent metal already exhumed, giving off an unpleasant smell as it dries.

The knight is courteous, but very preoccupied with her task as she is convinced that a Drune witch is working curses from under the surface. In a nearby camp are three local youngsters, tending to her equipment and sifling through the debris caught in the pond each afternoon.

If the knight's trust is won, she tells that she travelled with Raillarde the Paynim to the Druids many miles west of Alverdis, but that they parted ways. She fears that the fellow knight has come under a spell, and believes the witch she seeks is its cause.

Any character scouting the area can pick up tracks of heavily burdened steel boots, leading north towards the shore.


MENHIRS. Several menhirs stand by a small pool, only a few paces wide. Sleeping among them grants vision of grieving woman, fleeing across a landscape of endless darkness. If a character spends more than one night by the menhir, the woman will recognize them them from the night before and speak to them in hushed and hasted voice: begging to be freed, warning of the pursuing monster, and the cruel knight Wilkin that keeps her trapped. The woman does not know where she is, only that it is dark, and wet, and terrible, but she promises to call on the wind each night.

The woman is currently in a pool by the standing stones of Corroc, but is moved by her jealous guardian each new moon. Any character who has spoken to her can hear her voice on silent nights, and locate which direction it comes from with a successful WIS roll.


EMPTIED TARN. Among the heaps of salvage decomposing on the shores of this tarn lies the reeking body of a large wyrm. The creature's head has been severed by a single strike, but the fat slugs feasting on the carcass still causes its body to oscillate in some deathless reflex. If searched, the salvage contains little of use.


HERMIT. In a cliffside hut lives a naked hermit, surrounded by seabirds. She is reluctant to speak but can tell that her father was a squire to Knight Blaine the Recréant. If treated kindly, she offers an adder-stone that her father brought from Naoned Ker, after parting ways with the fallen knight.

Adder-stone. If worn as a ring, the bearer cannot be attacked by spirits and spectral beings on a successful save and suffers only half damage from poison. On a natural 1, however, the stone shatters.


GLEAMING POOL. Gold gleams from under the surface of this wide pool, like the lure of a trap waiting to be sprung. The pool is surprisingly deep, and the gleam is lost underwater but if the gold is retreived it turns out to be an eyeless helm carrying the face of a newborn.
Dawn helm: AR 2 (Magic 4). The wearer can reduce SPI by one to have the helm shine like the sun for an hour.


PETROGLYPH LAKE. In the middle of a large mire where leafless trees claw at the sky is a small lake, about a bow-shot across. In its midst is a large rock with a single pine, its roots firmly clutching the stone to reach the water below. Between them are hints of petroglyphs, signalling that this place was once of great significance and perhaps is still, for worn ribbons fly from the trunk of the solitary tree.

The lake is haunted by bog-men, who attack at night or during overcast days.
BOGMEN (2d6): HD 4, AR 3 (Magic 4), bronze curveblades (1d6+1d6 magic, brittle: shatters on a natural 1).
+ Loses 1 HD at the beginning of each turn spent above the surface
+ Regains 1 HD for each turn spent submerged
+ Moves through water and mire like it was not difficult terrain

If the petroglyphs are cleared, any character studying them closely can make a WIS roll to understand that they detail sacred rites that can be performed here to gain a spell. Performing the rite takes a full month, after which the character can cast a single spell while standing on the rock, or suffer one permanent wound to memorize it forever.


WYVERN POOL. In this opaque pool lives a Wyvern, poisoning its water and killing those drinking from it.
WYVERN: Huge, HD 5, AR 4, MV 5 (walk/fly/swim), claws: 1d8 (piercing, target it thrown 1d10 squares in random direction) + bite: 1d8 (piercing, poisonous: suffer 1d4 damage per round until aided or successful save).
+ Mesmerizing song: Each 1d4 ronuds, save or be paralyzed until aided.


DEATH KNIGHT CAIRN. A wet trail of mud and molten leaves lead towards a moss-covered cairn, where a death knight sits singing a mournful song by a pool of stale water.

WILKIN OF MONBELAC: Large, HD 7/7, AR 5 (chain +1, poison 6), MV 4, Giant flail (dmg 2d8, knockback, reach 2, area, deathblow)
A knight in ancient armour, dark with rust and dripping with water, carrying a drowned woman on his back and a faint lantern in his belt.

+ Hail of blows: Whenever a character comes within 2" in front of Wilkin, they must evade or be struck by an automatic hit by his flail.
+ Life drain: any character immediately behind the knight must evade or be clasped by the woman on his back, suffering 1d4 poison damage per round and being paralysed until a successful save.
+ Unnatural life: Wilkin has two HD pools. When one pool is reduced to zero Wilkin is downed. Any surplus damage is lost, and all ongoing effects targeting him ends. If for any reason his lantern is put out, he loses 1 HD per round and the woman takes no hostile actions.
+ Return to the water (when downed): When the first HD pool is reduced to 0, Wilkin begins crawling toward the stale pool to gently place his cargo in it. After this, he gains a bonus attack and a free movement each round and the woman fights as a separate character.

DROWNED WOMAN: HD 1, AR 1 (Poison 10), MV 2, corrputing word (dmg 1d12, range, poison: target's skin bisters and rot like old fruits)


1d4 rounds: Curse. Wilkin lifts his lantern, and the drowned woman lifts her head in great pain and vomits forth a black tangle of seaweed and writhing eels with a terrible scream.
EELS (2d4 tangles): small, HD 0 (2 hp), MV 1d4" random direction, bite (1 dmg poison damage, no armour).

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